Friday, November 14, 2008

Wine Night 6 - Sparkling


Kerri hosted us last night in her awesome apartment. We (I) got a little greedy with the champagnes, so we had 6 bottles to taste. Which would have been fine if the full complement of 12 had been able to make it. Unfortunately, a few people had to drop out, so we all had a lot of champagne. But it's sooo good! Anyway, it was lots of fun to taste a bunch of Australian sparkling wines, including, of all things, a sparkling shiraz. My favorite was the Yarra Burn 2006, followed closely by the Yarrabank 2001.

Afterwards, we went to the Royal for a drink, where we ran into some folks from AGSM. Turns out that a team from the class had won the Peter Farrell Cup that night, which is the business plan competition they have here. Many congrats to the wicked smaht braniacs behind FML Recruitment!

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