Thursday, May 24, 2012

I've missed this!

I've missed traveling most of all. But I've also missed the outlet of writing, which is weird, because I definitely don't think of myself as a writer. And every time I've tried keeping a journal I give up in disgust. Somehow, though, this particular medium, in which I'm writing to an unknown (thankfully) number of friends and family, keeps me from descending into painful navel-gazing. Although you wouldn't know it from this intro...

Since this is, mostly, a travel blog, I owe you a brief preview of what's in the backlog:
- A trip to a not-to-be-named island in the Caribbean, which I swear I didn't visit, I just found some really great photos.
- My first visit to New Orleans, where I took way too many photos of wrought iron details. And fell in love with Felix's baked oysters and the woman who runs Upperline.
- A fantastic vacation in Kauai, which I enjoyed thoroughly, even though my life was in serious turmoil at the time.  Turns out visits to the Garden of Eden will do that.
- And now, starting tomorrow, a return to Japan!  It's funny that when I came back to this site to see if I even remembered how to long on, the first thing I saw was my stated intention to return to Japan.  I'd forgotten that resolution, as I have so many others.  Including most recently a firm intention to learn to make bread, but more on that another time.  So it makes it all the more wonderful that I've got this trip lined up.  10 days, spread between Tokyo, Kyoto and Hakone.  10 days to indulge my ever-growing addiction to ramen and gyoza.  To get up way too early to see giant tuna turned into works of art, to see a baseball game in another language, to get lost, and find all sorts of adventures in the process. I. Can't. Wait.


Courtney Craig said...

I have followed all this while...with nothing to read. :0(

We are heading to that same not-to-be-named island on June 11th! So very excited! Anything special you'd recommend. Kind of freaked out about the whole "illegal" thing, but you made it back unscathed, right? ;0)

Celia Adelson said...

I did! I had a freak out when I was coming home (a bit late) but it worked out ok. My main recommendation is to work any connections you might have, no matter how distant. I think it's a place where having a friend of a friend goes a long way. I'm going to send you an email with some other thoughts.