Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bias of Bowls

I don't like having to study for finals. Having to focus is the hardest part. And I don't like endings.

Yesterday we had a barbecue at the Clovelly Bowling Club, which is right on the edge of the ocean, between Coogee and Bondi. I'd spotted in back in September, when we did the walk from our hood up to Bondi. At the time, we thought how nice it would be to organize a barbecue and bowl there. All of a sudden, a few weeks ago I realized we'd run out of time! So it wound up being in honor of Benedetta's departure, since she headed back immediately after her last final, to make her graduation from Bocconi.

It was a magical afternoon. The sun was strong, the company was good, and I actually sort of got the hang of this lawn bowling thing. Or at least enough to stop my balls from winding up in our neighbors' lane. The balls are flattened on two sides, weighted on one, and have a very interesting curving trajectory (the bias). For a very thorough discussion of the sport, check out Wikipedia. However, I'd guess that very few bowling clubs had the view we had. I'd share photos, but my camera has decided to die.

"Lens failure, restart camera" is not a promising sign, particularly not just before a trip to New Zealand. So finding a camera repair has been added to my list of things to do before leaving. Meanwhile, the weather has turned lousy, I have a take home final to finish, Casey and Carolina have also taken off, and I am distinctly glum.

Which probably explains why I am particularly susceptible to music right now. I've been addicted to the new album by Kings of Leon for a while. But today, all I want to hear, on repeat is this:

More than that, I want to be the weird curly haired guy, and stand somewhere poetic, moreosely waving a red flag. He makes it look like fun. But then anything would, compared to finals.

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Courtney Craig said...

Cheer up Buttercup! Better times are ahead. We have to buy a new camera too (just in time for OUR trip to NZ). We decided to purchase one at the NZ Airport (since the exchange rate is so good). Sorry we missed out on bowling (looks fun), but snorkeling in tropical paradise was just too good to pass up! Now, stop blogging & get back to studying! Tsk, tsk...