Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gone, baby gone

Australia is no more. I'm a hell of a lot more sad about that than I expected. I've been trying not to take it out on my mom that she's not all the awesome people and fun I had in my three months there rolled into one human. Because she really is awesome. But I really am sad.

Anyway, things got hectic at the end, so I have a lot to catch up on. Sadly, most of the photo uploading will have to wait until I'm not on an internet connection that charges by the megabyte.

1) Blue Mountains
Way before I left, yes a whole two weeks ago, Benedetta, Anne, Liam and I rented a car and headed to the Blue Mountains for the day. We saw the famous Three Sisters, had lunch in Katoomba, and then drove way too long to get to the caves at Jenolan. The caves were really very cool though, so I was pleased, although that was right when my camera died. I also finally got the chance to drive on the left! Then we headed back to Sydney, where I kept getting lost trying to get home. It turns out the hardest part of driving on the left is not staying on the road. It's trying not to take the reversal too far, so that instead of reaching for the windshield wipers when you want the turn signal, now you reach for the turn signal looking for the windshield wipers. Or instead of making a right turn, you head left.

2) Beer Pong #1
Ian Lilley introduced the Aussies to beirut. (Not sure if that's supposed to be capitalized or not, but I'm going with not, to distinguish it from the city in Lebanon.) The first time he tried was during the middle of finals, and not enough people showed up, leaving him with way too much beer. Which is perhaps how he wound up like this:

Casey tried to help him out, which is how he wound up like this:

And I stayed sober, but joined them for my second attempt at Mexican in Sydney, which is how I wound up like this:

3) Finals
They're done now. Enough said.

4) Beer pong #2
The second attempt at bringing beirut to the AGSM was scheduled for after most finals, and went much better. An enormous amount of beer was drunk, and even I played. I actually carried my weight too! Although I think my team named itself the politically/historically incorrect "Chinese Water Torture" because it took us so long to win a game.

5) End of session party
Kerri organized a fabulous party, and gave us the excuse to dress up. It must have had a good effect, because at last count I saw Eric hugging every single person at the party, with Gabriel following behind giving every guy a kiss. The reactions to that last were pretty funny - turns out some guys aren't so chill about getting random kisses. Or maybe they were just worried we were a little too close to Oxford Street? We did head over there after the bar we were at closed, but we weren't gay enough to get into the place that had good music. So we wandered up and down, realizing that the group was too big / too straight / too drunk to get in anywhere, and gradually losing momentum. Oh well. My only regret is there are a bunch of awesome people I didn't get to say a proper goodbye to.

6) Final night out in Kings Cross
I had only been out once in the famously seedy Kings Cross, so I was game. Especially since I was promised one of the hippest clubs in Sydney, with good music. We never quite made it there, but Kerri and I had fun drinking really good margaritas at a taco shop, and we did try to dance to the weird trance that was playing upstairs at Bourbon. Eventually though, the bizarre fake blood-spattered teddy bears the club promoters had wired to the walls started creeping me out, and the stupidly high heels started hurting my feet, so I called it a night and went home to pack. Or tried. This is where I complain about how completely idiotic Sydney taxis are. They drive around empty, acting too cool to take a fare, while scantily-clad clubbers risk life and limb walking out into traffic trying to slow them down enough to jump in. It's beyond strange, and endlessly frustrating.

So that gets us up to date on the end of my time in Sydney. I'm probably spending too much time being snarky to accurately convey how awesome I found it. Not that the snark isn't warranted. But I also had a blast.

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