Friday, April 10, 2009

More photos of Vietnam

I'm stealing photos from my friend Kyle, since I thought they were so awesome.

My sister Naomi collects hats from throughout the world. The more outrageous the better, but it has to be something the people actually wear. I was tempted to bring her back a motorcycle helmet, but I resisted. Instead, I spotted the wonderfully embroidered head scarves that the women of the Black Thai ethnic minorities wear. I tried to ask one lady where I might buy one, and this is what happened:

These women are fabulously colorful in their costumes.

Inspired by their splendor, I took the opportunity, since I was in a place with a) cheap tailoring and b) fabulous silks to order an ao dai, although nothing so fabulous as this. Again, the language proved a barrier, but this time I didn't wind up with anything extra. I suck at bargaining. Still, it fits really nicely, and now I'm trying to figure out an occasion to wear it.

Maybe when I graduate, which is all too soon.

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