Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Long pauses

More than anything, this blog was started as a travel diary. A way of keeping family and friends updated when I was living far away, and we were all too cheap or lazy to go buy phone cards. Plus, I could add pictures!

But what should I do when I'm not far away? When I'm right here, not going anywhere, for long periods at a time? When I'm stuck in the routine of work, dreaming of more travel adventures, but unable to convert them to reality?

Go silent for a year and a half, that's what!

However, I've got a big trip planned. After all this time, it's only just that I'm going because of work. So stay tuned. Kyoto here I come!

And if you have any recommendations... please enlighten me.

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Courtney Craig said...

I had to come running in here to read this post after the squeaky hinges of your blog creaked, indicating that some new activity was going on! Kyoto?! How fun! Neither M nor I have yet been. We're planning Nepal/India and Switzerland & Eastern Europe for the December holidays. Would love to add Japan to the top of the list!