Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tokyo, Part Ni

After our lovely time at the hot springs, we headed back to Tokyo for one final night.

By this point in our trip we had zero ambition for sight seeing, although we still checked out the big department stores and fancy shops in Ginza near our hotel.

Mostly though we were excited to try Japanese whiskey,
and Kobe beef.  I didn't have a fork, but I did cut it with a chopstick, just to prove to I could.  Yum!  

I'm still mad I didn't order a second steak.  

And the next day, we lazed around, enjoying our last night in a hotel for a while, before heading to a final, or rather finale, meal at Sushi Sawada.  I don't have enough superlatives.  All I can say is even after all the fish we'd eaten, even after that traumatic abalone, Michelin-starred sushi still tastes special.  

They don't let you take photos, so I couldn't capture the gorgeous spot prawns, or the squid tentacles being finely diced, mixed with rice and stuffed back into the body of the squid, or the wasabi being grated to order, or the delicate tendrils hanging off the grape leaves he used as plates for the veggie rolls he serves as part of his extended tasting menu.   I had to grab this photo off the interwebs.
But notice the special fish locker behind him, with slots perfectly sized to hold his lacquer-ware trays of precious fish.  It's that kind of a place.

The chef doesn't speak English and so he focused mostly on his Japanese guests which left us feeling a bit neglected, but MAN.  I will remember the three grades of tuna (fatty, semi-fatty, and semi-semi fatty) that he served us, from the same fish caught near Kyoto - he told us that much - for the rest of my life.  Just as I'll remember this entire fantastic trip.

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