Tuesday, July 3, 2012


In an effort to get caught up, I'm going to ignore the normally chronological organization of this blog, and tell you a bit about the trip I took in March 2011 with my sister.  Since the details have faded even for me, I'll give you more photos than words.

First, there was the beautiful Playa del Carmen

where we ate fantastic Yucatecan food

and swam in a cenote.

Then there was this:

I loved the buildings

And the varied modes of transport.

(the stupid Hipstamatic filters make it hard to see - you're looking at a horse drawn carriage transporting a rocking chair)

But even though we found a thermos of this

I did not love the food.

However, the diving was fantastic, and so was just laying on the beach.

But the very best part was spending 10 days with my sister.  She's a wonderful woman.  Definitely a very special trip.

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