Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Moving #2

Moving stings. Specifically, bashing my knuckles open on my apartment building's stucco walls while carrying heavy boxes stings. Plus cardboard box cuts (paper cut's big, evil, bully of a cousin). However, having friends like Malina, John, Kyle and Sara warms my heart. They all devoted part of their Sunday to helping lift heavy things. Kyle was mostly on the disabled list, but that didn't stop her from creating an awesome spreadsheet that tells me which lender to use for the next round of student loans. (Which also sting.)

We managed to fit everything into a single storage crate, which was a fairly spectacular feat of engineering. Except my dresser and my bike. Luckily, the dresser was a free gift from Craigslist which went back on the street to continue spreading the love, and the bike has hopefully found a home for the quarter with an entering Anderson student. Ah, community. Meanwhile, the virtuoso forklift driver is here now to pick up the crates, so we'll see if he comes knocking on the door telling me I over packed and the floor has dropped out of the unit.

I'm feeling nostalgic about leaving LA. The weather here has been gorgeous! Saturday's picnic turned out beautifully. We got to the beach a little before sunset, and enjoyed our feast as the sky turned colors. It definitely got cool quickly once the sun went down, but nowhere near the bone-chilling temperatures of San Francisco. I hate to admit it, but the weather here really is noticeably, quality-of-life-improvingly better. Oh well, time to drive to SF. Actually, first it's time to see if all my stuff fits in the little car while leaving me enough room to drive to SF.


lri said...

Much love, but I will never, EVER help your or anyone else move ever again.


Did I mention I hate moving?

Malina said...

Ooh. Our picnic looks even more fun in your photos. Love the blog!

Lisa said...

Gorgeous picnic on light! No sand in the food when you eat light! Thanks for sharing.