Tuesday, March 31, 2009

jet lag

This is by far the largest time change I've ever put myself through. And I have to say the worst part of the jet lag is how insidious it is. 5 days into my trip, I still don't feel close to normal. I haven't had any sleepless nights yet, but I hear that's what I can look forward to upon my return. Can't wait.

Right this very moment, my teammate Kyle, who only arrived yesterday, is sprawled out on two very uncomfortable chairs in the Chi Em program office, completely delirious. It's been pretty funny watching her valiantly struggle through it though. Yesterday we dragged her to Hoa Lo prison (aka the Hanoi Hilton). She got separated from the group for a few minutes, and then wandered back in declaring pathetically "I was just lost and alone in a Vietnamese Prison." I think everyone has fears of getting tossed into some crazy third world prison, but in her delirium yesterday, Kyle sort of achieved it.

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