Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring Break

Well, I'm almost done with finals, finally. This quarter went by terribly quickly. I'm definitely not ready to be only one quarter away from graduating. But I never like the stress of finals, so I'm pleased to have that largely behind me. Especially since I don't have to confront the fact that I'm returning to the real world until after some more exciting travel.

First, I'm going to Nicaragua with some friends. 6 of us are headed to Corn Island, on the Caribbean coast, to dive for a few days. And then we head west, to meet up with a larger group where we've rented a house in San Juan del Sur. Most people are going to surf. I plan to do absolutely nothing. Although who knows, I might see if I have any better luck than my last attempt at learning to surf. (Which was wonderfully fun, but left me with the worst sinus infection of my life.)

Here's a map of the trip to Nica:

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Then I head back to LA for exactly 29 hours. After which I head west, to Vietnam. That trip is kindly funded by the US Department of Education and my school, since I'm going with my team from school to do research for our consulting project. Our client is Chi Em, and we'll be hanging out in Hanoi and Dien Bien. I'm going a couple days early, though, so that I have the chance to see Ha Long Bay:

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I'm not sure what kind of internet access I'll have except when I'm in Hanoi, but keep checking. If I can put photos up, I will!

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