Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Things I have seen on the backs of bicycles and motos on this extended adventure...

On a bicycle:
1) A rocking chair
2) A dining room table
3) A 30 lb. sack of cement. This wasn't actually on the back of the bicycle, but rather on the back of the gentleman riding it. Not tied on or secured in any way, it was simply draped on his back and over one shoulder. He had this look of intense concentration on his face, and I couldn't tell if it was due to the weight or his prayers that the damn thing wouldn't slide off.

On a scooter:
4) A family of 4
5) A huge pile of baskets, a tall stack of eggs, or a large cage full of chickens
6) A cat. Actually, the cat wasn't riding the scooter, but since most folks park their scooters in their living rooms (all the buildings have built-in scooter ramps over part of their front steps), I have seen several family pets staring out at the street from their perch on the seat of the scooter.
7) A flat screen TV. No kidding. I was dying laughing, watching a full grown man with his legs dangling off the back of his friends moto, clutching a 52" flatscreen between himself and the driver, as the driver wobbled across four lanes of screeching traffic, all of which was honking and gunning for the juicy new target in their path.

My sister Naomi collects traditional hats and headgear from all over the world. I'm tempted to bring her a helmet, since that's by far the most ubiquitous.

P.S. Thanks to Kevin Armstrong for supplying the following link to some spectacular examples of bicycle transport.


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