Monday, September 15, 2008

First Day of School

While all you slackers were still enjoying your Sunday sloth, I had my first day of class. I sat in on a Marketing Strategy class that I hadn't planned on taking, but the professor came highly recommended. And sure enough, he was great. This is only a problem because if I take the class it blows my five-day weekend class schedule to bits. Ah well.

AGSM (Australian Graduate School of Management) is interesting. There's only about 60 people in the full-time program, so it feels very small. The part-time program is about 2000 people, but that's distributed across many campuses and cohorts, so it's much more diffuse. Anyway, it's probably not only the smaller size but also the lack of crazy Americans that means most of the intense MBA ... spirit, for lack of a better word... is missing. People don't seem to be consumed by business school the way they are in the US. And the junior high social scene hasn't reached the same frenzy. What I'm trying to say is it doesn't feel like summer camp for type A over-achievers the way Anderson does.

I'm attaching a few photos I've taken of the University of New South Wales campus to give you a flavor. I've yet to capture a photo of the huge birds that wander around, so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, last night I think we all were a little homesick, because we chose to eat in a Mexican restaurant in Randwick. Like in the US, people here seem to choose Mexican for birthdays with big groups, so there was a lot of passing out of sombreros and a guy in a Mariachi outfit (who actually had a great voice) singing Sinatra's "My Way" in Spanish. The food wasn't half-bad, considering how far from home the chef was.

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Malina said...

"summer camp for type A over-achievers" -- hee. Hee. You're a witty, witty girl.