Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm going to die...

And not in a good way. In a painful, squashed flat and spread across the pavement by an oncoming vehicle sort of way. Do you have any idea how fundamentally, earth-shakingly WRONG it is to drive on the left? I mean the right. I mean whatever it is they do in this former British colony. It's so, so wrong.

It's not just crossing the street that's hazardous, although that's definitely the worst. It's heading towards the escalators and realizing the up is on the left, not the right, where it out to be. It's heading for a car on the driver's side when you fully intended to be a passenger. Damn it, I can't even walk past people on the sidewalk properly, as I stick to the right, trying to be out of the way and the oncoming pedestrians stare at me, the jerk who is hogging what is clearly their side of the walkway.

Anyway, it might put me out of my misery, as I've spent all day running around in the cold and all the apartments I've seen are, frankly, crap. And overpriced. You'd think I'd be over the sticker shock coming from SF and LA (and a little of NY although that was a while ago). But there's something particularly harsh about realizing that the prices quoted are per week. But that's what I can afford to pay in a month!! By which I assume I have joined the human race in its modern incarnation, and inherited its boundless frustration with real estate.


Malina said...

Oh no. I guess this proves apartment hunting is the pits no matter what city or country you are living in. Wishing you lots of luck!

adam #24 said...

... it's amazing how like you your writing is. Perhaps that statement is a bit facile, but I stand by it.

ps don't die.