Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Greetings from Sydney

I made it. I feel a little bit battered from the adrenaline surges of the past several days, and I'm more than ready to find an apartment to live in and stop lugging all my crap around. I knew I didn't like traveling alone, but I'd forgotten how absolutely pretrifying I find it.

That said, all is well. First things first: I've got a mobile. Incoming calls are free for me, so buy a phone card and give me a call. To reach me from the states here's what you do:
1) Dial an international line: 011
2) Dial Australia: 61
3) Dial my number:
In summary:

I'm currently parked in an internet cafe near the hostel where I'd planned on staying. Or will stay, once the damned office reopens. Turns out the staff gets a lunch and siesta break from 1-5pm. Grrr. Mostly I'm worried about the lack of a sleeping bag. It's cold here! Especially after Fiji.

But Coogee, the beach suburb I'm staying in is crawling with backpackers. So I'm off to the hostel in the hopes that I can get both a room and a clue! I miss you all and look foward to writing more soon (hopefully with my new address)!!

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