Thursday, October 23, 2008

Arc en ciel

The weather here has been crappy the last couple of days. After a beautiful weekend, we've had several rainy, cold days. Kind of typical November weather, for the northern hemisphere that is.

I've actually found it very disconcerting to live down under in this regard. Halloween is approaching - my body knows it should be fall. I constantly think I smell that typical fall smell of decomposing leaves and woodsmoke. It even feels like the days are getting shorter. And yet it's exactly the opposite. We just jumped forward an hour in the spring daylight savings change. So I really have no excuse for feeling as gloomy and sleepy (two sure signs that its fall) as I do.

Especially when I'm walking to school this morning and am greeted with this:
My camera wasn't quite up to it, but you can see a bit of the gorgeous full rainbow that greeted me as I walked to school in the rain, and finally looked up from my (wet) feet.

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