Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Weekend update

This weekend, I did the following things:
1) Dove
2) Sat on the beach at Manly
3) Went to my first ever live basketball game, where we saw the Sydney Spirit play the South Dragons. Nicola's boyfriend plays for the Spirit, so we were rooting for the home team.
4) Explored a time corner of Chinatown. Casey and I were hungry after the game, so we went looking for dumplings. We didn't find dumplings, but we did stumble across a cool night market. Definitely need to go back.
5) Went back to Cargo. Danced, and had a great time.
6) Sat on the beach at Coogee
7) Had sushi at Sushi Suma with Anne
8) Wandered around Crown Street in Surry Hills which is absolutely adorable. I need to go back. First I need to win the lottery, so I can afford to eat at some of the yummy places I saw, which include a cafe called Coffee, Tea or Me.
9) Stopped in for a glass of wine at Mille Vini, which has one of the nicest atmospheres of any restaurant I've seen. And a really good tempranillo.
10) Sat on the beach at Bondi with Benedetta.

Over all, a very nice weekend, even if I didn't manage any of the "see Syndey" type things that are on my list. It was exactly the sort of time I wanted to have when I came here though. Time that lets me believe, for a short while, I really live in Sydney!

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