Thursday, October 16, 2008

Weekend in Sydney

This weekend was nice, and mellow. I was fighting a cold, so after a big night on Friday, I took it easy. Friday I finally made it to Darling Harbour, and then on to The Rocks. We started with a drink at Cargo, which was a little too chichi, so we had dinner at Chinta Ria, and then drinks at Cruise Bar. I finally made it to The Argyle, which is a club in an old warehouse (much more historic and cool than the word warehouse usually conjures in the US). We ended the night with food at Pancakes on the Rocks, where the potato wedges were pretty disappointing.

I don't know why, but for once I wasn't tired at 10pm. It happens so rarely, I took full advantage. Of course then I pretty much spent the rest of the weekend sleeping.

I did find a very cute cafe on Sunday though, where I sat in the garden before heading to Bondi Beach.

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